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Concordia University, Nebraska is located in the state of Nebraska in the central United States. The campus is located in Seward town, with a population of over 7,000 people. At Seward, students are engaged in a friendly community of all kinds of needs: safety, shopping, restaurants and entertainment. The school is a partner with the Fortune 500 Company. Students at the school have the opportunity to practice and work at the largest US companies

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Top # 38 schools
Midwest region

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Leading the list of schools "worthy of investment"

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One of the only 5 schools gets a list of excellent schools for learning, development and success


GPA: Min 2.5
TOEFL ibt/IELTS: 78/6.0

The school will rely on the SAT scores to review scholarships



Top # 19 safest schools in America


Hardin Simmons University Founded in 1825, Abilene, Texas, the total area of the school is 316 hectares, comprising 33 main buildings for classrooms and dormitories. Students studying here will no longer feel new or lonely, because every 12 students will receive the care and guidance of a teacher, they will see that every day is a happy day like a throne. My 2nd home. Hardin Simmons student, whether he graduated or wherever they go, is proud to belong to the Hardin family.

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On the list of top universities in the Western region.


The university is "the best in the Western region", one of the only 22 schools to receive this title in Texas


The best university to work in 2014


•  GPA: 2.0
•  SAT: 1020 
•  TOEFL ibt: 79



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On the school list, students receive honors from the president


Dallas Baptist University Known for its beautiful campus, faculty and enthusiastic staff. Dallas Baptist University is ranked 4th in the top state of Texas. DBU students come from many different countries around the world, but the school still ensures that all students are given the most convenient and timely support. Especially DBU has 11 clubs for international students, including Vietnamese International Student Association (VISA) - Vietnam Student Association for life counseling, study guide, and care for Vietnamese students Nam attended DBU.


•  GPA: 2.5
•  SAT: 1020
•  TOEFL ibt: 79



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On the list of top universities in the Western region


Accredited by is one of the 25 most beautiful Christian universities in the United States.


Standing # 4 best universities in Texas

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Indiana Wesleyan University Founded in 1920. With nearly 100 years of experience in education and training, the school has attracted more than 3000 students to participate in the course every year, and the school is also recognized by the Higher Education Commission. about the innovative creative education program since 1985. The school and teachers always set a goal of personal care for students in their careers, developing their personalities and training leadership skills right from their seats.

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Stand # 32 best universities in the Midwest region


Standing # 4 best universities in Indiana state


• GPA: 2.6
• SAT: 880
• TOEFL ibt: 79




Stand # 1 university with the best dormitory in Indiana state